1. Do Canadians need a passport to go to Cuba?

Yes. Make sure the passport is valid for at least one month after your return to Canada.

2. Do Canadians need a visa?

No. However, Canadians are required to have a Tourist Card in order to enter Cuba.

3. What is the currency in Cuba?

Cuban Convertible Pesos(CUCs) is the currency in Cuba. It is the roughly equivalent in value to the US Dollar.

4. Where do we get these pesos?

There are many tellers at the Havana airport. You can also exchange your money in hotels and at some banks.

5. What currencies should we bring to Cuba to exchange into CUCs?

Canadian dollars and European euros are easily exchanged. There is an 8% service charge to exchange these currencies.  Canadian credit cards are accepted but with an 11% service charge. There is an 18% service charge to change American dollars. Any credit card used in Cuba must not be related to a US bank.

All of these service charges are subject to change.

6. Is there a departure tax to exit Cuba?

Yes, you pay a departure tax at the airport after checking in your luggage. You must pay 25 CUCs.

7. Do I need to speak Spanish?

No. Cubans in the tourist industry are multi-lingual. However, it is always helpful to know a few words in Spanish.

8. Are taxis readily available?

Yes, they are efficient, metered and reasonably priced.

9. What modes of transportation are there for tourists?

There are taxis, bicicocos (a Cuban invention of an open air coconut on wheels),

horse drawn carts, rickshaws plus cars and RVs may be rented. Make sure you inquire about insurance.

10. What is a good source of information regarding travel to Cuba?

For general information regarding conditions/weather etc. in Cuba, please go to the website for the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

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